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You will walk out with the perfect glasses. Everyone is at their best: the front desk, the consultants for eyewear, and the doctors. Whomever designed the office knew what s/he was doing. Everything is beautiful. Dr. Boscia’s office makes you WANT to visit. Go get your glasses!

Margaret Anne

I had to see a Dr as my eye was sooo swollen, it was night time so went to a stat care, gave me drop n dismissed it the following day I came here I had orbital cellulitis who knew it was sooo dangerous, I begged Dr to not make me go in hospital, every morning for one week the Dr met me at 7am to check me and also gave me a personal number if my eye got any worse, guess you could say they saved my life, it was that dangerous.. great place great staff and am heading there today for a whole new problem but at least I know when I leave I will have an answer and bedded toward recovery….. kudos 2your office

Marie Piccione

I called them at in the middle of the night with a problem and the doctor asked me to meet him in his office in 15 minutes. You don’t see care like that often these days.

Anthony Barrett

LOVE Dr. Boscia and all of the staff! They are always warm and friendly. Love the choices for frames, also!!

Patty McCorkell Wilkinson

Superb products and service. A great place to shop.

William Skrobut

I’ve been going to Dr. Boscia for quite a few years now. He is a wonderful Physician and always explains everything. You don’t feel like a number. His staff are all very friendly and helpful. I always get compliments on my eyewear. I highly recommend this place.

Cindy Krimsky Riville

Great place, very clean very friendly , was my first time, had an emergency and they took me right away solved the problem fast , definitely recommend this place best by far!!

Zeth L

top of the line office, friendly statff

Alan Tu

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Dr. John P. Boscia
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Phone: 610-258-6666
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